Dance as a career option - IFBC is one of the most famous Ballet Dance academies in India.IFBC is one of the most famous Ballet Dance academies in India.

Dance as a career option

ballet dance
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Dance as a career option

ballet dance

Dance is a beautiful art form where we can express ourselves through body movements and facial expressions. Dance has evolved with time and has gained much prominence. There are various dance forms ranging from traditional or classical to modern ones. Each dance form has its own style, value or importance.  If you think there is a dancer inside you and you wish to learn dance then you must go on. In fact, if you are really serious about dance, you can pursue it as career.

For making dance as a career, you must first decide your interest area or your forte in dance. That means you have to choose one or more dance forms which you think you can rock in. Then you should take a formal training in it. The early you start, the more you will progress. Because with continuous practice and experience only, you can gain excellence in dance.

As a dancer, you have the following career options –

*Trainer- If you have learned any dance form properly and have considerable experience in it, you can become a dance teacher or trainer. Being a trainer, you have many opportunities. You can work in a school, college or dance institute. You can even open your own dance school. You can also work as a free-lance trainer. Another benefit of becoming a trainer is that you can train people as your part-time job also. If a trainer is good, he or she can manage a handsome remuneration. As dance learners are increasing, the demand for trainers is also high.

*Choreographer- If you are a good dancer, you can work as a choreographer in movies or music videos. The payment of a film choreographer is quite high. Moreover if he or she does good job, then there are chances of getting awards and recognition also. These days the concept of wedding choreographers has also emerged. Thus, providing more employment opportunities for dancers.

*Dance artist- Being a dancer, you can always work as an artist. For songs of movies and music albums,  background dancers are required. You can also join dance troupes that organize dance events at different places. Sometimes these troupes also get the chance to perform at international level.

*Dance therapist- These days people opt dance to maintain fitness level. There are some medical conditions where dance is used as therapy to heal the patient. A dancer can also work in this field.


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