Dancing again…. - IFBC is one of the most famous Ballet Dance academies in India.IFBC is one of the most famous Ballet Dance academies in India.

Dancing again….

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December 3, 2018

Dancing again….


It is said that once you are a dancer, you are always a dancer. If you are passionate about dancing and took it seriously at some point of time in your life, then it means that even if you had to leave dance due to some circumstances, you are still a dancer from within. There can be many reasons which would have compelled you to leave dance. Among the common reasons some are, not getting desired or deserved success, alternative career choice, family responsibilities etc.

But even after leaving dance for some years, if you feel like taking it up again, then you must not think twice. Because nothing can be as beautiful as dance. It helps you to express whatever you feel without words. It can certainly uplift your mood. It is also a stress-reliever. It rejuvenates and relaxes you like no other form of exercise. In the beginning, you will face difficulty. But if you are determined, nothing can stop you from picking up dance again.

Restarting is always not easy. You may need to put in extra efforts for the same thing which was a child’s play for you some years back. But that effort is worth-putting. As, the reward which you will get in return will give you immense pleasure and a sense of achievement. The foremost thing which you need to work on if you are taking up dance again is your fitness. A good level of fitness is required for being a dancer. If you have put on weight or you do not feel the agility, then you must reduce your weight and start physical activities. The more fit you will be physically, the easier it will be for you to dance.

Once you have worked on fitness, concentrate on learning different dance forms. Start with an easy one and then move to difficult ones. Again, practicing and giving due time to dance will help you to learn quickly. It is better to join a dance school, because attending the classes will keep you motivated. If you are consistent in your efforts, then definitely, you will be a proficient dancer, who you used to be and you may get even better.

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