Essentials for ballet dance - IFBC is one of the most famous Ballet Dance academies in India.IFBC is one of the most famous Ballet Dance academies in India.

Essentials for ballet dance

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October 15, 2018
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December 15, 2018

Essentials for ballet dance


Ballet is one of the most influential and beautiful dance forms. Ballet is a very delicate dance style. There are precise, sharp and elaborate body movements. It is one such dance form where there is great importance of dance accessories. Some of the essentials for ballet dance are-

Ballet shoes- Ballet shoes are also called ballet slippers. They are a must for any ballet class. They are very light-weight. They are made of soft leather, satin or canvas. For ensuring safety and full flexibility, the ballet shoe must fit very closely to the feet. They usually come in light colors like light pink or white.


Pointe shoes- When the ballet dancers perform Pointe work, they wear Pointe shoes. These shoes help the dancer to dance on the tip of their toes for an extended period of time. Pointe shoes helps the ballet dancers to appear weight-less and sylph-like. There are two important structural features of this shoe. First, there is a kind of box in the front end of the shoe that supports the dancer’s toes and second there is a shank which is a piece of rigid material to stiffen the sole and provide support.

Leotard- Leotard is basically a unisex one piece skin tight garment that covers the body from crotch to the shoulder. Leotards are not only worn by ballet dancers but also athletes, wrestlers, gymnasts etc. The purpose of Leotard is to make the body comfortable so that you can focus fully on your performance.

Hair accessories- For performing ballet dance, especially the females need to make a ballet bun on their head. This helps them to allow flipping of hairs on the face while moving the body. Thus it helps to avoid distractions during the performance. It also makes it easier for the instructor to have a clear view of the neck and head movement of the dancer.

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