Timetable for Classes at Hargovind Enclave Club-9, Anand Vihar

Classes Age Time Days Semester Fee
KG Ballet 4 to 6 4:30 – 5:15 PM WED / FRI Jan to May 7,000 (2 MONTHS)
Ballet L-1 7 to 12 5:30 – 6:30 PM WED / FRI Jan to May 7,000 (2 MONTHS)
Ballet L-1 Adv. 7 to 12 6:30 – 7:30 PM WED / FRI Jan to May 7,000 (2 MONTHS)

Hargovind Enclave Club-9

To all those who are in love with dance and want to swing in the air effortlessly, Ballet dance classes are the right place to lean on. IFBC Dance School provides a multitude of dance training programs and classes that are operated and conducted in different parts of Delhi and different time slots. For East Delhi residents, they can reach us easily at Hargovind Enclave Club-9, Anand Vihar. Our professional trainers and staff will help you understand different programs, their curriculum and schedule.

The KG Ballet Dance training program is the simplest and most easiest form of Ballet dance and includes simple steps, movements and stretched with which your child will be comfortable in. Our professional teachers know the level of kids and they don’t try to force or push things and steps on them. For the KG practiced or new learners from bigger age group can join the Ballet L1 classes which are little advanced to the former one and includes simple ballet steps. We will be teaching you the basic ballet moves like stretching, reverance, center exercises, and more. We will also practice with them the Demi Pliies, Jetes, Tendus and other moves. Join us today to inculcate a dedication and add fun element to your child’s life.

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