Why Ballet - IFBC is one of the most famous Ballet Dance academies in India.IFBC is one of the most famous Ballet Dance academies in India.

Fitness & Wellbeing

Dance can offer physical, social and creative benefits to people of all ages. At IFBC, we offer dance classes to ensure that you can reap the rewards. We offer twice a week classes in ballet, anyone aged from 4 years to mature adults. With the focus on fun, all classes are designed to increase fitness, flexibility and co-ordination in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Research suggests that dance can also improve cognitive performance and reaction times, making it a useful treatment for a number of conditions, including arthritis, dementia, depression etc.

The Benefits of doing Ballet

When it comes to their kids, parents want them to have the best. Exposure to things like sports and the arts help them to become more well rounded young men and women. Have you thought about ballet? Kids are into all sorts of afterschool sports and other activities like piano and violin lessons. Dancing is a great medium for both girls and boys, and they can start young.

Classical ballet may have been pushed aside in favor of tap dancing, hip-hop, jazz and other forms. But, did you know that beginning with ballet will help with these other types of dancing? That is just one little secret were letting you in on.

Ballet dancers make it look effortless as they move across the stage. From the lifts to the toe points, many wonder how they can do it. Your kids can also be a part of this through the practice of classical ballet. Ballet classes can start for young kids around ages four and five and Adults. For you and them, being in front of all those mirrors and the bar is something new and exciting.

Some of the benefits of ballet for young kids and Adults are:

  • They learn to follow instructions
  • They gain a sense of discipline
  • Learning new positions
  • They learn co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion
  • They are active and getting daily exercise
  • They become comfortable performing before groups

when a child is young, learning new things is easier for them. They can adapt and learn more quickly than when they are older. So, once a child begins in ballet at an early age, they are not only learning a valued art form but also getting trained for the life that is ahead of them. This is just the beginning, though. As a child continues to pursue ballet, you’ll see more benefits emerging – especially when they become adolescents and into the teenage years.

  • They develop long and strong muscles from the practice of ballet
  • They gain a sense of self-confidence and pride in their bodies and what they can accomplish
  • They learn how to work to get what they want out of their performance
  • The skills learned in ballet are useful for other forms of dancing like tap or jazz if they want to take that up later
  • They learn about proper nutrition to keep their bodies in shape so they can dance

Maybe you’ve never considered ballet as an afterschool activity before. Now that you are aware of some of the wonderful benefits of this form of dance you have another option for yourself and your children. Who knows, one day you or they could be dancing across stages all over the country and beyond.